Custom Solutions Call for Custom Seed Blends

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At Curtis and Curtis Seed Company, we offer a wide range of seed products for a wide range of needs. From turf to native grasses to wildflowers, we have it all! But sometimes, we understand that you need a custom seed blend to meet the unique needs of your land, budget, or project goals.

That’s why our Cultivation Experts specialize in designing custom seed blends for residential and agricultural landowners and various government agencies on public land projects.


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Quality Seeds = Quality Results

Check out some of our most popular custom seed mixes! Each custom blend is designed with a unique set of factors in mind to ensure you see great results. When you’re ready to start your order, you can always expect a quick turnaround and timely shipping and delivery from our warehouse.

LandingPage_Native Wonder Mix

Native Wonder Mix

Native Wonder is an excellent low-maintenance premium turf seed for your home.

LandingPage_Llano Estacado Wildflower Mix

Llano Estacado Mix

This beautiful wildflower mix will enhance just about any low moisture area with a spray of color.

LandingPage_Herdmaster Mix

Herdmaster Mix

Herdmaster produces volumes of lush green forage for numerous livestock species.

LandingPage_Santa Fe Trail Mix

Santa Fe Trail Mix

This native blend is composed of Blue Grama, Indian Ricegrass, and more.

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